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  • First Text

    She can tell a lot about you by what you write, as well as HOW you write it. There are several common pitfalls guys run into when writing that first text that can blow you right out of the water and ruin your chances of ever seeing her again. We’ll show you not only how to avoid them, but how to get her intrigued right off the bat.

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  • Dates

    The purpose of texting her in the first place is to get her to meet up with you. But where and what should you do? How do you keep her interested and chasing now that you're finally going to be face-to-face? More importantly, what’s your plan to take things to the next level when the date goes well? Relax. We’ve got you covered.

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  • Connection

    Ever wonder why some guys have women chasing after THEM and not the other way around? Of course, those guys are few and far between. Once you can deeply connect with a woman, she’ll be dying to meet up because “there’s just something about you” she can't stop thinking about.

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  • Attraction

    Get her so amped up she can't wait to see you! Creating strong attraction through text is much easier than you think, and we’ll show you step-by-step how it’s done. Be forewarned: after you master this skill, you’ll have to keep your phone on silent for a while.

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