Funny and Effective First Text Messages

So you’ve got her number. Well done. But now are you wondering what you should text her?
Lots of guys will spend hours thinking about sending the first text, wracking their brains for the “perfect” thing to send her…
and then the best they come up with is “hey, what’s up?”
We’ve got a better way to start off the conversation.

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Using Emoticons

Non-verbal cues such as body language, vocal tonality, facial expressions, etc. are the strongest factors of in-person communication. That being said, it is important to use emoticons, acronyms and initialisms to set the mood you are trying to communicate.

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Never Be Too Serious

Until you begin to form a solid emotional connection with her the lighthearted and fun aspects of your personality should constantly be on display. Your text conversations must keep with the easy going and laid back theme that you have already established.

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Have a Sense of Humor

A sense of humor is consistently ranked as the most important attribute a man can possess. The reason is simple; Humor indicates that you don’t take yourself or the interaction too seriously.

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Don’t Be Needy

This attribute is one of the most valuable and yet difficult to learn. If your life was already full of amazing & beautiful woman one failed interaction wouldn’t faze you.

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What an Effective First Text Looks Like

Now, when the time comes to text her you have the opportunity to draw from that story which will show that you listened and also evoke those ever important positive emotions all over again. The next step is to add a question or statement that requires more information.

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Ingredients of an Effective First Text

There are three essential elements that go into your first text message to make it set you apart and make her eager to text you back.

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First Text No-No’s

Sending the first text can be a nerve wracking experience for many guys. Often spending hours of thought and deliberation trying to formulate the perfect choice of words to kick off their new text romance.

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What Your First Few Texts Tell Her

Chances are you are not the only guy pursuing the girl(s) you are interested in. The ability to separate your self from the pack and make yourself known as her best choice is a must.

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False Disqualifiers and Stipulations to Make Her Comfortable

Instead of focusing on hers she is now trying to discredit your reservations or validate your requirements to prove to herself trustworthy and deserving of your time.

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